Call Reason

To give you some background, Truecaller added the Call Alert feature on the app sometime last year, which gave users a notification before someone on the other end placed a call. And now, it is further adding to the functionality with the Call Reason feature. The company says Call Reason has been one of the most requested features by its users in 2020. By incorporating it, it seems that they are expecting the call pick-up rates to go up, especially for cases where callers call with new numbers. As already mentioned, the feature extends the functionality of the Call Alert feature. It gives you the option to set a reason for your call that will be displayed to the recipient before they pick up the call. As for the reasons themselves, the company will be offering a few preset reasons that users can directly choose at the time of calling. Moreover, those looking to add a more customized message also get the freedom to do so on the app. In addition to regular callers, businesses can also take advantage of the feature to inform their customers about the reason for their call. Call Reason will start rolling out today to all Android users globally. It will arrive on iOS early next year.

Schedule SMS

Schedule SMS is another new addition to Truecaller that the company is bringing in today. As its name suggests, the feature allows users to schedule an SMS at a later date and time. For this, it is adding a new icon in the messaging section, which users can select at the time of messaging to schedule their message.

Schedule SMS is currently available for Android users only.

SMS Translate

Lastly, there is the SMS Translate feature, which automatically determines if a message has a foreign language and shows a translation. The feature leverages Google’s ML Kit for all the translation processing. And, as per the company, it processes all the messages locally on the phone. Furthermore, users can also download language packs to use the feature in offline mode anytime.

SMS Translate will only be available on Android.