Truecaller and Cyanogen today announced that they have entered into a partnership that will see both companies work on creating a new dialer for Cyanogen OS with features of Truecaller baked in.  Instead of having to install the Truecaller app separately, Cyanogen OS users will automatically know who is calling them, get enhanced contact details, block spam calls automatically and more. For users who don’t like Truecaller, the feature will be made opt-in by Cyanogen Inc. Additionally, third party diallers will also be supported so Cyanogen OS users can use any dialer app they like while still enjoying the Caller ID functionality of Truecaller. Other details about this partnership are still scarce, but Truecaller says that an OTA update in the future will add all these features to Cyanogen OS on existing devices, while future devices will ship with this feature out of the box.