To begin with, one will be able to scan the phone numbers from the smartphone camera and detect the same. Users can point the camera at billboards, business cards and the app will detect the number without actually having to take a picture. The best part, however, is that the Number Scanner doesn’t require an internet connection and will fetch the results on a real-time basis. In case of active internet connection, the app will display the details of the contacts you are trying to add. Truecaller’s “Number Scanner” feature is also capable of detecting multiple numbers and will let you choose the number you want to save. In India, users will be able to scan the number and use it along with UPI payments. So the next time you want to pay the shopkeeper simply scan his number on the app. That being said, it’s apparently not possible for the users to source an image from the gallery and scan the same in Truecaller. With the addition of UPI layer to the app, Truecaller users will now also be able to request money and recharge numbers. Truecaller has also launched something called the Fast Track Numbers, a service that curates all the toll-free numbers for emergency services like banks, police, medical care and ambulance. Once again all of these features are accessible without the need for internet connectivity. Yet another feature is the balance check which will allow users to check their bank balance with a single tap. All of these features are integrated into the search bar and will be available only in India.