But not all podcast apps are the same. Each offers its pluses and minuses. Here’s a podcast app, though, that will help you make the transition to great audio content. With Stitcher, getting podcasts has become even easier. Stitcher is a podcast library app that provides any type of podcast from the Barstool Sports collection to Kim Komando Explains (formerly known as Komando on Demand). With the app, you can create playlists to listen to your favorite podcasts consecutively without having to continuously load new shows. Already with an abundance of podcasts to choose from, if you upgrade to the premium version for $4.99 monthly, Stitchers offering gets even better. The best feature to a premium Stitcher account is ad-free programs. Additionally, the premium account gives access to over 21,000 hours of premium podcasts, bonus episodes and early access to new releases. 3 insider tips to enjoying podcasts

Is Stitcher’s Premium Account necessary?

A premium Stitcher account has its benefits but it isn’t dramatically different to a free account. Paying for premium gives access to exclusive Stitcher original podcasts, but that doesn’t mean these are shows you will want to pay for. They are simply more option for consumers to choose from. Stitcher does offer a generous offer of one free week to consumers, allowing them to decide whether or not a premium account is right for them. If you do decide to stick with a premium account, you will be billed monthly, which lets you cancel if you feel you’d be better off with a free account. The app itself is great to keep all of your podcasts together in a playlist and makes it easy to listen to your favorite shows. It certainly has its benefits and is worth giving a try. Be sure to listen to Komando podcasts such as Komando On Demand and Kim Komando Daily Tech Update on the Stitcher app.