th Music Freedom, you’re allowed to stream any of the approved services without tapping into your monthly data cap. Here’s the list of new additions:  Dash Radio  Datff  ngo  KCR/a> Noon cific  Radio z  SomaFM  StreamOn  TuneIn emium

T-Mobile says its internal surveys reveal that one in four of those who want to or do switch to the magenta network cite Music Freedom as a major factor. The company says it wants to add “every lawful service” to the program, though making that happen requires the music provider to apply go through technical testing on the network. The story behind the story: Music Freedom is a big draw for T-Mobile: if you’re a heavy user of Spotify or one of the other major streaming services it means you don’t have to worry about eating into your data cap. ile some have raised questions about how the program complies with net neutrality laws, the FCC has been loathe to intervene as T-Mobile allows any company to join in if they meet technical specifications.