The Lechal insoles make use of GPS, haptic feedback along with an array of other sensors in order to determine your fitness level and also show the places you have been to. That’s not all, by pairing the soles with the app one can also get signals on where to go, this means that you no more need to pull out your phone to access the GPS. This is how the guidance works, in case you are supposed to take a left turn the insole sends specific vibrations to your feet. The vibrations are unique for each type of signals including turns and rerouting. Moreover, the app also lets you set milestones or checkpoints and after crossing each one of them the soles will vibrate. This feature will go a long way in motivating the users to achieve fitness goals. Also, you can download offline maps and use the entire functionality of the GPS features without having to rely on connectivity. The companion app also lets you mark certain places of interest while you are taking your morning walk or maybe you can share the coordinates with your friends. In a nutshell, the Lechal Insoles records your exact path of travel and will also ensure you can do many things en route. One can charge the inserts by plugging in a USB cable.