iScanner is the tool that turns your iOS device into a mobile digital office by completing educational, personal or business tasks with the help of artificial intelligence. And it’s currently on sale for just $39.99. Students and small business professionals such as realtors, lawyers and accountants will benefit from iScanner’s many features. It allows you to scan multiple pages into a single document and edit, sign, stamp and fax. You can scan photos and documents to JPG, PDF or TXT formats, as well. The app also lets you blur any sensitive information in documents, recognize text from objects you scan with OCR and read QR codes with your camera. It’s even possible to print straight from your phone. The app features a document editor that can remove noise and correct colors, while the file manager can protect your confidential data by locking files and folders with a PIN. Document sharing is straightforward with the app; it lets you upload your scanned docs directly to cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox. As though all of that weren’t enough, iScanner can do even more. For example, it can calculate a room’s total area by measuring an object’s length. And you can even get an instant solution to a math problem, regardless of whether it is typed or handwritten, simply by pointing your iPhone’s camera at it. The reviews are in and, unsurprisingly, iScanner is a hit. Not only is it the number one scanning app on Apple’s App Store with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, but Gizmodo proclaimed, “The iScanner app is yet another example of cleverly leveraging an always-connected camera to do more than just intelligently make photos look prettier.” Don’t miss this chance to turbocharge your iPhone’s problem-solving skills. Get a lifetime subscription to iScanner for just $39.99.