Dual-lenses, more megapixels, optical and digital zooms and HD video recording are just a few of the modern features found on today’s smartphone cameras. They are such high-quality devices that you’re able to take near professional quality photos. This comes in handy when you’re on vacation and want to capture high-quality memories that will last a lifetime. However, your smartphone camera can be used for more important things than vacations or dinner plates. They’re also useful when you need to record details of a car accident or an emergency situation like law enforcement does with body-cameras. Good news, there’s an app that can turn your smartphone into a low-cost alternative to body-worn video cameras. It’s called Video Armor and it is available for both Apple and Android gadgets.

The Video Armor app records high-quality, point of view (POV) video that is automatically tagged with time, date and GPS location data. Combined with a built-in area to add notes, it’s also a great place to create and store details of any situation. While the basic recording controls will be familiar to you, the app includes additional features that will help you stay focused on your surroundings, not your smartphone. You can also enable sounds to let you know when the app is recording. More Video Armor features:

Adjustable video quality – The app takes full advantage of your smartphone’s camera, recording up to UHD 4K. You can also dial down the quality to 720p or lower for longer recordings.GPS location, time and date stamps – Videos are automatically tagged with information that records when and where an incident took place.Search function – You can filter recordings by incident, date and ID to make them easy to find later.

You don’t have to be an officer of the law to record incidents around you. Anyone can record them with ease with the Video Armor app. To download the app, click the appropriate link for your gadget that we’ve provided below. It’s available for Android and iOS for $2.99.