Turn Your Smartphone Smarter With These Top 7 Gadgets

So, here we are with some gadgets which can make your life easier while turning your smartphone smarter.

Misfit Shine

You can easily track your body movements with Misfit Shine. All you have to do is to connect it with your smartphone and equip it on your body. It will keep a track of your body activities and will tell you the results at the end of the day. It will inform you whether you are doing good or not. You can find a good variation of the product in the market at affordable rates.


If you are a frequent traveller and want to keep a tab on the environment then it is just right for you. You can check the air quality, temperature, gas leaks, humidity using this device. People who keep on travelling can greatly benefit from this device.

Viper SmartStart

Now keep yourself up to date and smart using Viper SmartStart. The device keeps a check on your car and makes sure that it is ready to hit the road. Apart from that, you can easily release the trunk, honk the car and do such things just by making use of the smartphone.

Smart Radiation Detector

With pollution and radiation levels increasing across the globe, the importance of Smart Radiation Detector cannot be pushed away. They help you to measure the contamination level of food and water that may have been caused due to radiation. They can come in handy to the medical professionals as well as others who are working in a place with nuclear leaks.

Smart Baby Monitor

You can keep a check on the activities of your baby as well as check the room temperature by installing Smart Baby Monitor. You can easily get live streaming video and audio of your baby. You can even make use of baby monitor apps for a wireless connection. With Dealslands.co.uk new parents can easily find cheaper deals on baby monitors and thus save money on baby essentials.


This small device can help you track the location of your baby or pet or even any of your belongings and make sure they are around you. So in case they happen to wander off or make any unplanned departure you will be notified about the same through email notifications.


Keeps on losing the remote control of your TV and other devices and toys every now and then? Just make use of iPhly. Store all the information of your control on it and with the help of iPhone or iPod you can easily change the channels or run your remote controlled car. No doubt there are more gadgets that you can add to the list. So make it a habit of making use of the gadgets that can simplify your life and make things better for you with a smarter Smartphone.