Earlier this month, some Pixel 3 owners discovered that turning off Digital Wellbeing on their phone helped improve its performance dramatically. Due to the barrage of positive reports, Google conducted its own research and says that it has not found any performance issues with Digital Wellbeing.

On the plus side though, the company did discover some other areas for improving the performance of its Pixel 3 devices. The company is working on rolling out these improvements to its Pixel devices. Below is what a Pixel Community spokesperson posted on Reddit: It is likely that we will see Google roll out these performance-improving changes as a part of the June security patch for its Pixel handsets. Despite Google’s claims, Pixel 3 owners refuse to believe that turning off Digital Wellbeing does not lead to noticeable performance improvement. In fact, many Galaxy S10 owners have also reported performance improvement after disabling Digital Wellbeing. Given that so many Pixel 3 and Galaxy S10 users are reporting improved performance after disabling Digital Wellbeing, I doubt that there is a placebo effect. It will be interesting to see if the performance improvements from Google end up bringing the Pixel 3’s performance to the same level as users reported after turning off Digital Wellbeing.