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The best TV gift ideas for the holidays

Below are the best 8 TV gift ideas for the holiday season.

The best TV gift deals during the holidays

While TVs can run in the thousands, you can still find a great deal on a TV this holiday season. Below we’ve rounded up the best deals on TVs in time for the holidays. It has a more narrow viewing angle, making it great for smaller living rooms. This Hisense model is one of the best on the market for the price point, making it a great choice for holiday gifting. FYI, it usually retails for $1,150, but I’ve seen the price fluctuating this holiday season. If you keep an eye out like us, you can score it for as little as $600. Read the review: Hisense 4K U8H review Under the TV screen, the recipient will get a billion different color shades with 100% color volume. There’s something for everyone in this TV, too – with Samsung’s Gaming Hub, the kids can stream Xbox games straight from the TV, no console required (but you’ll have to pay a subscription). I found that when watching TV and movies, the picture clarity was unmatched for this TV, offering me vivid detail that automatically adjusts to the space’s light. It also automatically upscales all content to 8K images for a beautiful picture, no matter if the TV displays a movie, video game, or TV show. Read the review: Samsung QN800B 8K smart TV review Because it’s a Google TV, this model comes with Google Assistant alongside the Google TV features, making it easy to organize content all in the home hub. In addition to the 4K upscaling, the C2 series smart TV offers a specialized Filmmaker Mode that’s enhanced with Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos. Movies and shows aside, this model brings out the best of console gaming with 120Hz variable refresh rates and the dedicated Nvidia G-SYNC software. We named this model as the best OLED TV for gaming this year to attest to how great it is while using it with a console controller. Having reviewed this TV myself, I felt impressed by the picture quality and the different modes including Film Mode, Intelligent Mode, and even EyeComfort Mode for late nights or long gaming sessions. Read the review: Samsung 65-inch QN90B QLED TV review It’s the first in the line to offer the Fire TV Ambient experience, adaptive brightness, and a full array of local dimming. Those embedded into the Alexa smart home system will greatly enjoy the hands-free Alexa voice commands on this device. When not gaming, the recipient can use the built-in Chromecast to stream shows, movies, and modes from an Android or iOS device. With 60 local dimming zones for extra contrast and QLED technology, this TCL TV combines the best of both gaming and streaming. The DTS TruSurround offers an immersive surround experience and is wall mountable. For those with kids, it comes with parental controls, too. Additionally, size is very important, as you don’t want to get a 65-inch TV knowing that the TV stand can only handle up to 50 inches of space. The great news is that most of the TVs on this list come in multiple sizes, so if you see something on this list that catches your eye, you can just adjust the size for your needs. QLED screens use quantum dot technology to create images. It will give you enhanced color and detailing on-screen compared to its LED counterparts, but it’s not “quantum” in any way – that’s simply a marketing catchphrase to separate if from LED. These TVs are more suited for bright spaces. LED screens, on the other hand, use mini LED lights that individually light, creating true blacks and helping colors pop on the screen. Because it’s not a cheap panel to produce, they’re usually pricier. These TVs are more suited to darkened spaces. However, no streamer runs 8K content as of yet, and gaming consoles can’t produce 8K graphics – everything you see on the screen involves automatic upscaling as of right now. Realistically, you’re better off enjoying the 4K models rather than spending an extra couple thousand on the 8K picture.