The post says a “small subset” of existing TV devices will update to Android TV, but there are no further details about when that may happen or which devices will get the life extension. TV its apps will otherwise still work, but just like ndows Xit won’t get any updates or other company support. It’s not a shocking move, as has been hyping Android TV for several months, debuting its own Nexus ayer as an example. ong with access to streaming services the ay Store, a major selling point is its potential as a gaming device. even sells a dedicated controller in its ay Store. The first win for Android TV at CES is Sony’s announcement that all of its forthcoming smart TVs will include Android TV. In a blog post says it’s partnered up with Sharp, Huawei, Razer to launch more Android TV devices in the future. Because Android TV also runs on a variant of Android llipop, developers can transform their apps from tablets phones to the TV with far less work than what was required for TV apps. Netflix, Hulu, HGTV, some popular games like Badl have already made the leap to the bigger screen. The story behind the story: TV was a pretty big flop. It had a clunky interface, very few good apps some ridiculous remotes with a full QRTY keyboard. Android TV is more focusing on streaming content bringing familiar apps to complement, rather than take over, your TV watching. The Chromecast has also served as a successful appetizer, getting a cheap, -powered streaming stick into a lot of hs.