As first spotted by Android lice, otos now shows you everyone it recognizes inside a photo before heading to a specific person’s page. en you’re browsing your main library, you can now tap on the info icon to view details about a particular pic, it will still show you all of the people who has been tagged under a new ople tab. Then, you need only tap on their picture to be taken to a page with any other photos they’re in. You still can’t apply manual tags, to remove a person that has recognized you’ll still need to go to their specific page, but the change will certainly help with navigation organization of larger photo libraries. It’s unclear whether has added any new tricks to its algorithm as part of the change, but we don’t have many complaints in that department. The new feature seems to only be live in the Android app not on the web, so if you’re not seeing it, be sure to side-load the -signed A from AMirror. cture perfect: love otos. Not only is it an amazing free service, but continues to add features make tweaks that only enhance the experience. This new change is a small one for sure, but it shows just how far ahead of the competition is with otos. ile other services are still struggling to perfect their recognition algorithms, is adding features that better incorporate theirs into our daily lives.