There is a lack of decent Twitter clients on the Play Store. Falcon Pro was among the top clients available for Android devices, but ever since the app reached its limit of 100k Twitter token, its development has since then gone down hill.  Tweedle is one of the relatively unknown Twitter clients available on the Play Store. While the app is not exactly feature rich, it has all the basic features that one can expect from a Twitter client that is available as a free download, there really is not much to complain about. The app is all about minimalistic Twitter experience with just the right amount of features. Today, the developer of Tweedle, HandlerExploit, released a major v2.0 update for the app with a very simple change-log “I rewrote everything”. So, what exactly is new in the update? A lot actually. Below is a small list -:

A new Card style inspired UI that looks absolutely gorgeous Bunch of themes inspired from various Play Services Ability to create custom themes New Roboto fonts Lots of butter

There are a lot of under the hood changes, including an updated profile section, optimisations for reducing profile image size, updated translations and much more. If you are not really satisfied with your current Twitter client, I would strongly recommend you to try out Tweedle. Considering that the app is completely free to use, I would recommend our readers to definitely give the app a shot. There is one in-app purchase to remove the ads from the conversation view, but that really should not bother you much.