— Android (@Android) September 23, 2016 You probably get the reference to the Android versions, but beyond that it isn’t clear exactly what’s going on here, other than having some fun at our expense. Android launched on Sept. 23, 2008, which would make today the actual birthday. But just like in real life, sometimes celebrations get moved to the weekend so more people can partake. don’t have any insight into what the plan is here, whether it’s just going to be some more tweets, burrito drones, or rom giveaways. You never know with , so keep an eye on the Android twitter account tomorrow to see what goes down. y this matters: likes to do attention-grabbing antics, so this is right up the company’s alley. It also can’t hurt to get some attention with a high-profile smartphone launch around the corner. expect to see the xel xel X/a> unveiled by on Oct. 4, so tomorrow could serve as an appetizer along the way.