The All New HTC One is scheduled for an announcement later next month with a relatively familiar hardware specs sheet. And in order to stand out from the competition, the company is rumored to showcase a unique dual camera setup on the smartphone with increased emphasis on low light photography. HTC was present on Day 2 of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to give detailed information on this technology. The twin sensors consist of one 4 megapixel sensor while the other is reported to be 2 megapixels. One of these will feature a lens which aids everyday photography, while the other will make use of a telephoto lens to get long focus shots from the camera. It is said that Qualcomm and Corephotonics are the companies responsible for the making of this one of a kind camera sensor.

Further, computational photography algorithms will combine the images taken from the two sensors and provide one truly remarkable picture, with zooming capabilities of up to 15x instead of the conventional 3x zoom. While this was only a demonstration of the functioning of this camera sensor, there were no details provided on the exact implementation of these twin sensors with the new HTC One. We will have to wait another month to get more info on that as HTC isn’t expected to unveil its new flagship until the 25th of March. Source: Pocket-Lint