Twist, in a way, is a lot like Slack. There are channels, sophisticated search options, document support and it’s meant for your professional teams, not friends. However, Todoist has overlaid a slew of new features which transform the platform into a significantly more organized and calmer environment to interact in. For starters, individual channels are categorized into threads. Hence, you can quickly jump into a conversation you’re interested and not swamped by hundreds of unnecessary messages as soon as you launch the app. As a result, keeping track of your particular tasks is easier. “With Twist, I can unplug, go play a game of soccer, and come back to any conversation without missing anything. There’s no pressure to respond immediately. In fact, many members snooze all notifications for significant portions of the day, and some don’t have notifications turned on at all. This gives them complete control over their time and attention to do deep, thoughtful work.”, stated Amir Salihefendic, founder, CEO of Doist, in a blog post. Another one is the absence of presence indicators. Because of this, Doist believes users won’t be wasting time waiting for an immediate response and can continue with their work. Moreover, they’ve added something called “Time Off” that as the name suggests, allows you define a vacation period so that your colleagues are informed and don’t message during that period.

Twist’s interface has been kept quite pleasing as well with modern corners and bright colors, something which seems inspired from Todoist itself. Twist is free unless you want a permanent record of your past conversations. Otherwise, it’s $5 per user per month (Slack charges $7) and you can sign up now at this link.