Twitch says that the breach was caused by a server configuration change that exposed the data. The company has reset all stream keys out of abundance of caution. The team is investigating the incident.

Twitch Says the Breach is caused by Server Configuration Change

On its official site, Twitch has released an update claiming the breach was due to server configuration. According to the company, they doesn’t store full credit card numbers, so it was not exposed. Twitch has reset all stream keys and has provided a link to get a new keys. All the users need to manually update their software with a new key to stream. The OBS users who connects their Twitch account shouldn’t change anything. But the users who have not connected the account to OBS should manually copy their stream key from the Dashboard and paste into OBS. The security experts are still investigating the matter. Earlier, there were reports that around 125GB of data is leaked which includes the highest paid video game streamers like $9.6 million payout of the popular game “Dungeons & Dragons” and Canadian streamer xQcOW $8.4 million. In an online forums, the documents that are shared shows payments that are made from August or September 2019 to October 2021.