The new advanced Twitter Tool helps you to mute any conversation or chat if it is like to be abusive or spammy. One of the biggest updates is that you can filter out the new users. The one who you don’t follow and the one who doesn’t follow you can be little issue of small account holders. Further, the company also stated that it is working further on spam and abusive comments.

— Twitter Safety (@TwitterSafety) July 10, 2017 We feel that this update is not so useful for people who have a lot of followings as it is not easier to block abusive comments or people from whole long lists. This update does not block people who fall in criteria but you will surely not get any notifications from those users and you can try to block them if possible from that huge lists. If you have a small following then it is easier to block as you will have a limited amount of followings and you can filter them out. Basically, if we see we all love to tweet and follow famous celebs, famous politicians, and other popular figures. You will also find abuses, trolls, and other immature comments on them. So, Twitter has come up with this new update, they are still working on the update as said by the Officials, but for now, they came up with a new tool with few options to help prevent abusive and hate comments. This will help the abusers and trollers to stay away from the popular people which are a good thing and even the haters can’t post or tweet anything in the particular person. The new filtering tools will help you to easily filter out hiding messages from accounts without a profile photo if linked with an email address, or with a phone number. Twitter recently modified its Messages section to separate out Direct Messages from people who follow you and people who don’t. This will let you to easily identify messages and delete them. The New tool update is available in both the Android/Ios app as well as in the website. If you want to use the new feature then head over to your notifications timeline in the app or website. After that, you will see a gear icon at the bottom tap on it and it will pop out an option of “Advanced filters”. Then you need to go to the Settings and make your necessary choices. So, what do you guys think of this new feature by Twitter? Do comment you thoughts in the comment section below.