The alpha version of Twitter now uses app shortcuts, which fire up a list of quick actions when you touch hold on the icon.  As you can also see, there’s a round icon available for launchers (like the xel uncher) that use the new format. Additionally, there are three app shortcuts: search, new tweet, new message. As with other Android apps that have turned on the shortcut feature, you can drag any of these actions onto the home screen for quick access.  If you want to check this out, you’ll need to sign up for the Twitter Android alpha. Once you do this you’ll shortly see an update for your existing Twitter app. Of course, a word of caution: this isn’t even beta, so it’s bound to be wonky crash from time to time. So you’ll have to decide if that round icon shortcuts are worth it. y this matters: th the xel selling particularly well, we should see more developers jump aboard with rolling out features available for Android 7.1. And when it comes to looking for your next phone, it makes the xel, or other phones that make a swift move to 7.1, more attractive with all those new software tricks.