Short videos are becoming mainstream on many social platforms, but for Twitter, we didn’t expect this feature is coming as Twitter is a micro-blogging platform. Let’s go into complete detail below.

TikTok-Like Video Player Is Coming To Twitter

The company has revealed all details about this update in two significant segments: this new immersive video viewer and the new video section in the explorer tab. Firstly, let’s discuss the new immersive viewer. This new video viewer will show you the video in full screen with a new option of showing users’ accounts with follow button, and you will also see the text there. Besides, the seek and options such as comment, like, retweet, and share will be the same as earlier, but in terms of a new feature, you can now scroll for more videos that are expected to be related to the first video. And to activate this view, you have to tap on the playing video like Instagram Reels. Second, there’s a new video carousel in Explore tab’s “For You” section that will show you popular and trending videos in the immersive view according to your interest base. As you can see in the above image, what will it look like. As we all know, the full-screen video viewer with a scrolling option for more videos was presented by ByteDance-owned TikTok, but it doesn’t mean that the other platforms can’t use it. And in some last years, Instagram, YouTube, and now Twitter added the same kind of features, and it completely depends on their users what they are experiencing or are they actually liking them. Let me know your thoughts on it in the comment section below.