Twitter is all about the content, and for those that follow a lot of different entities via the social network, missing content isn’t the best possible experience. As a result of this mentality, Twitter has put together what it calls “Highlights,” a brand new way for users to make sure that they don’t miss anything really important (or trending) from their social network. With the new feature, which is opt-in, Twitter will put together a comprehensive catalog of tweets, images and stories that were shared on Twitter over a period of time. That includes trending topics, popular conversations, and general tweets from the people you follow. If you opt-in, Twitter will send you up to two different notifications every day that will show you your Highlights reel. For those that love Twitter but simply can’t stay on it as much as they want, but also don’t want to miss anything, Highlights might be the perfect option. Highlights is rolling out now, and Twitter says it’s only available for Android right now. Check it out in the Settings menu within the Twitter app.

— Twitter (@twitter) April 23, 2015