Also, the company might be planning to terminate this paid blue-ticks feature from the subscription completely, as it has paused Twitter Blue signups.

Twitter Paused Blue Subscription Sign-ups

We all expected a lot from Elon Musk’s taking over Twitter, but now it found suspicion as Twitter is going through different states day by day, such as a new feature rolled out, and the next day it is gone. But a much bigger mess than that was providing a blue verification badge with the Blue Subscription, whose impact made the platform full of trolls everywhere from the verified accounts. Such as, the account of Jesus Christ on Twitter got verified, a fake account of Nintendo with a blue tick published an image of Mario showing the middle finger, and many new accounts with a fake blue tick are trolling over the platform. When the details were leaked about the blue verification badge arrival in the $8 Twitter Blue subscription, so everyone already predicted that this mess would also reach the platform. There was also an expectation that the company had already found a way to deal with it, but due to its miscalculation and rush, it failed.

Also, they have come out with a solution which was an “official gray color badge on profile,” but it didn’t work out, and they rolled it back, but today, Musk announced to relaunch it. In the current situation, the company has paused the new signups for the Twitter blue subscription as they can resolve these impersonation issues.

— Zoë Schiffer (@ZoeSchiffer) November 11, 2022 As the above tweet says, the company has said to staff about suspending the launch to stop more mess and in terms “to help address impersonation issues”. Currently, there is no exact information on what the company will do next. Will they continue selling the blue tick badge in the Blue subscription or halt this feature from it?