Although space remains limited, Twitter has announced that it will double the amount of text allowed in each post, thus going to 280 characters. When launched on the market, Twitter was thought to be a social network where people could succinctly share what they thought from short texts, just like an Online SMS. With the need to adapt to the new communication requirements, this social network gradually changed its platform, starting to support images, Gifs, links, and videos. For some time now it has been debated whether or not Twitter should expand its number of characters, with some users saying that there should be more space to write and others who argue that by increasing the space if it starts to resemble Facebook too much. After much thought, Twitter announced that it has increased the character limit to 280, allowing more extensive messages to be shared. This new limit is not yet available for everyone and is gradually reaching users. How to activate the 280 character limit on Twitter? Although this newness is coming gradually, there is a method to have this new limit already available.

First, open Tweetdeck Then simply go to View, hover over the Developer menu, and then select the Developer Tools option. After that Find Sources and then click on the arrow below to access Snippets. Then after opening the Snippets, simply click the “New Snippet” button and then copy/paste the following code from here, in the empty window on the right. Now, simply click the Play button or hit the Enter button below to run the snippet. You are done, now you can tweet anything with 280 characters.

It is one more step taken in modernizing this social network allowing users to have more characters to communicate with their followers. So, what do you think about this? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.