A couple of months after it launched the Periscope app for iOS, Twitter today announced the release of the Android version of the app. Periscope for Android packs the same features as its iOS sibling, though it does come with a few enhancements. One such feature is the “return to broadcast” option that makes it easier for users to get back to a live stream on Periscope if they were interrupted in between by a message, call or other notification.

As for notifications, Android users will have the option to be notified when one of their followers starts a live stream or goes live. They can toggle notifications off, but it will be applied on a global basis and not on a per-user basis. The app only supports devices running Android 4.4 or higher, which made development significantly easier for the Periscope team over at Android. While Periscope for Android does not completely adhere to Material Design, it does borrow a few design guidelines from it. Download: Periscope for Android