According to Twitter, the bug employed a fairly complicated process to insert a bad actor. However, the company is not sure if anyone has exploited this bug and is exercising caution by fixing the bug. Twitter has sprung in action and is proactively contacting accounts that could have been compromised. Furthermore, they are also helping account holders to protect their accounts. Thankfully the bug doesn’t affect the iOS Twitter app. Meanwhile, if you get instructions from Twitter follow them and ensure that your app is updated to the latest version. That apart you can also contact Twitter’s Data Protection Office and get help.

Our Take

Things start going berserk when Twitter accounts belonging to celebrities or political figures are hacked. One can even incite violence and disturb a peaceful country. Well, even Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Twitter was hacked and the hacker claimed to have his Social Security Number. Twitter also introduced a new way to use 2FA and hopefully, this should help curb hacking to a certain level.