Twitter today officially announced the release of a night mode feature for its official Twitter client for Android. The company has been testing the feature since more than a month by rolling it out to selected beta and alpha testers.

With night mode enabled, the all-white Twitter for Android app dons a dark blue background that is easier on the eye in certain scenarios. Considering that many Android devices nowadays come with an AMOLED screen, the inclusion of a night mode will be appreciated by many owners of such handsets. The feature can be enabled by simply enabling the Night mode toggle from the navigation menu of the app. There are no other options to go along with it meaning that you cannot set Night mode to automatically enable itself during certain periods of the day. Nonetheless, it is still a great feature to have. After neglecting its official Twitter client for Android for a long time, Twitter has rolled out some compelling new features to it. Along with night mode, Moments is another feature that remains exclusive only to the Android version of the app. Are you using a third-party Twitter client? Or have you switched to the official Twitter client for Android? Drop in a comment and let us know!