A bright spot has been Thursday Night Football games streamed live. Twitter appears to be leveraging this its catalog of video clips for a new app on Android TV.  The app includes numerous clips from news sports channels that are offered directly through Twitter. And of course you’ll be able to use it for streaming the weekly NFgame. There’s currently no way to tweet through the app, but you can use it to browse popular tweets live videos that are coming through riscope. It’s the first step for Twitter into Android TV, so we’ll watch for what else rolls out as improvements are made.  y this matters: ile Android TV doesn’t have a ton of market share, this gives Twitter another avenue for getting its video options in front of more eyeballs. The future of Twitter remains a bit up in the air as the platform tries to find a way to gain more users, but at least if you’re a streaming-only household this gives you an easy way to catch that Thursday night football game.