Twitter announced in a blog post that it is testing an “edit tweet” feature that would allow users to modify their Tweets after being published. SEE: Twitter is bringing podcasts onto its platform Edited Tweets will have an icon, timestamp and label that lets other users know that the Tweet has been edited. Tapping the label will also let users see the Tweet’s edit history, which will display the past versions of the Tweet.  This feature comes with a caveat – Tweets will only be able to be edited within a 30-minute period after being published. Twitter said the reason for the editing window and for the edited stamp is to protect the authenticity of conversations on Twitter and to keep a publicly accessible record of what was said.  Twitter says it is testing the feature with a small group to incorporate feedback and resolve potential issues. Twitter Blue subscribers will be the first to get access to the feature and can expect to see the update in the coming weeks.  Twitter Blue is Twitter’s $4.99 monthly subscription program that gives subscribers access to exclusive premium features. Currently, Twitter Blue members enjoy an “Undo Tweet” feature which allows users to preview a tweet for one minute before it is published.