For Twitter users that have grown partial to the “Stars” and “Favorites” on the social network, it’s time to start liking something else: “Hearts” and “Likes.” In an official announcement, the social network has confirmed that it will be phasing out its Stars and Favorites on Twitter and moving towards a more unified approach, one that will see the same options available on Twitter, Periscope and Vine. Now, instead of Stars and Favorites, Twitter users will see “Hearts” and “Likes.” According to Twitter, the symbol for the heart is a more expressive and universal way to express one’s interest in a tweet.

— Twitter (@Twitter) November 3, 2015 According to Twitter, this rebranding will be rolling out across its platform and services beginning today, November 3. It will start with Twitter for iOS and Android, Windows 10, TweetDeck,, and in tweets shared across the internet. The company confirmed that the rebranding will be coming to Twitter for Mac at some point in the future, but no final dates were provided. What do you think of the new Hearts and Likes?