The Press service Twitter has confirmed the fact of the meeting: “We are continuing to explore ways to display content to users of service”. The scale of the test is unknown. The Marketing Land suggest that the new belt is formed by algorithms that take into account involvement of users. Thus, primarily those offered to them tweets in which they may be interested. Customers who have entered into an experimental group, unhappy with the changes and ask Twitter to return the tapes familiar look.

Twitter is Testing a News Feed With Tweets Not in Chronological Order

The introduction of a new order of formation of the latest news will bring to nothing the main difference between Twitter from Facebook – the opportunity to see the latest entries from friends and organizations to which the user subscribes. Recall that in January this year, Twitter launched a new feature “While you’re missing”. It selects the best tweets from user network since its last visit service and arranges them on top of the news feed. The introduction of this functionality marks a significant break with the main chronicle Twitter’a, organized in reverse chronological order. The plans to move away from the traditional news feeds with tweets arranged in reverse chronological order, CEO Twitter Jack Dorsey (Jack Dorsey) said in July: “Our goal – to show more meaningful to the user tweets”. It is possible that ultimately test the change will be implemented on a wider scale. Even last month, some Twitter users began to complain that the publication of friends do not appear in chronological order. According to the service, they really test the new algorithm extradition tape. But, as previous initiatives of the recently appointed CEO Jack Dorsey, the change had to taste is not everything. The principle of forming the tape has not been changed since it was founded microblogging service. Existing users are completely satisfied with this state of affairs, but at the same time touching the reverse chronological order of posts discourages newcomers. Now Twitter is trying to find a balance between originality and relevance of content. Earlier this purpose has been launched function “While you were out” to display relevant publications and a section Moments with thematic collections of tweets.