The biggest change is in iOS, which has gained a side navigation menu in which you can access your profile, lists, settings and Moments. The visual had already been adopted in the version for Android, and was taken to the iPhone “by the great acceptance that it had”. In addition, links in tweets can be opened directly in the Safari viewer instead of the internal Twitter browser.

The social network is also adopting rounded profile photos that “facilitate the visualization of what is being said and by whom,” and “starts to bring titles with greater prominence to facilitate focus on what is happening.” There are refinements that should make Twitter more intuitive to new users, like the answer button, which is now represented by a speech balloon icon (not an arrow). In iOS and Android applications, in addition to TweetDeck, the replies counters, retweets and tanned will be automatically updated in real time. However, the same thing will not happen in the case of Twitter Lite, a web app developed for the users with bad 2G and 3G connections. The new look is being released gradually and will reach all users “over the next few days and weeks”. So, what do you think about this new look? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.