Twitter launches Instagram Stories-like feature Fleets in India.

On 9th June, Twitter launched the Fleets feature to all the Indian users. This feature allows the users to share a tweet, photos, videos which will be seen on their profile for 24 hours only, after that it will vanish.

How do Fleets work?

With Fleets feature, you can start a conversation from your fleeting thoughts. Once you upload any picture, video or a tweet, then it will disappear after 24 hours. Once it is gone, no one can Retweet, like, or reply to you. If your friend has kept Fleet and you want to reply, then you must click on to send a Direct Message or emoji and can continue your conversation in DMs. One the homepage of the app, you will see Fleets. Whoever can see your full profile can see your Fleets. If your account is open, then anyone can react to your fleets, but if you have a private account, then only your friends can see and react to your fleets. Last month in May, Twitter announced the global rollout of Fleets feature. The company said that they are working on the feature.