And also it is now available to some users in the United States, Canada, and Korea for testing and feedback purposes. And as we know, the company has been working on it for the past six months.

What Does Twitter’s “CoTweet” Do?

As we already expressed, Twitter is working on many new features, and recently it unveiled ‘Twitter Notes’ which is also in the testing phase, and now it has unveiled ‘CoTweets’ by tweeting on Twitter Create.

Now testing CoTweets, a new way to Tweet together. — Twitter Create (@TwitterCreate) July 7, 2022 You might wonder, what does this “CoTweet” feature do? So this feature allows the primary tweet author to add a co-author, and the tweet will show both author’s accounts after being published. And to make someone co-author of the tweet, you require approval from them via direct messages, and it depends on them approving or declining it, which means you can’t add someone co-author without their permission. Besides, the co-author can also remove himself from this CoTweet even after being published or liked by many peoples, and the tweet will become the same as a regular tweet by the main author.


CoTweets feature will be rolled out to every user of Twitter when its testing is done, and as the company mentioned, its testing phase is only for a limited time, so we expect it to arrive soon. Besides, we might also see changes in this feature after its experiment trial. Stay in touch with our website to know every future detail about the Twitter features.