The revamped quote functionality gives you 116 extra characters to pontificate on the topic when sharing somebody else’s tweet. It also makes quoted tweets much cleaner, presenting it as an embedded image (pictured). Before, the quote function merely pasted the original Tweet into yours, bracketed by quotation marks.  For the time being, Twitter even alerts you to the change with a tagline that promotes the new feature. ile Twitter took its time to bring the new feature over to ‘s platform (it launched a week ago on iOS), third-party app Talon already found a way to work the new feature into its own app. ile working with Twitter’s As is sometimes a moving target for developers, this is one case where they were able to find a way to score newer functionality first. The Twitter update is making its way through the ay Store. If you don’t have it yet are already tired of waiting, you can grab the latest build from A Mirror. The story behind the story:  Unfortunately the “coming soon to Android” label is all too common for cross-platform apps. It’s a little surprising a company as large as Twitter can’t roll out a feature simultaneously to both iOS Android. Fragmentation is usually to blame, but even a delayed rollout to specific versions of Android would be preferable to making everyone go without.