Dashboard has been built on similar lines as Engage tool but the former is more inclined towards maintaining a dialog or an intuitive discussion among a group of customers and the Business owners. The new feature will be made available on both Mobile and web. The dashboard is more like an advanced analytic tool that will also offer tools for scheduling tweets, trends, advanced analytics and much more. Businesses have been using third party services for managing their Twitter interactions and will probably continue to do so. It is the medium and small businesses who will benefit from the Dashboard and will have a chance to use analytical tools at no extra cost. That being said, the Dashboard is not devoid of advanced features, for instance, it lets owners monitor the hashtag and the product name thus eventually allowing the business owners to respond to customers and get the pulse of their feedback. Scheduled Tweet is ought to be yet another highlight of the Dashboard, this feature lets the owners Schedule the tweet and the suggestion feature will further help the business owners in retweeting the customer’s tweets. The new dashboard coupled with the Analytics will help Twitter shape up as a powerful tool for the Business owners to monitor the responses of their customers and make the amends accordingly. However, the very fact that unlike Facebook, not every business will have active customers on Twitter might become a bottleneck.