Twitter Suspends 1,25,000 accounts in for Posting Terror Content

Twitter said in its policy blog that “Like most people around the world, we are horrified by the atrocities perpetrated by extremist groups”. This announcement came when the United States and Other Governments pressurized Social Networking sites to take more combative steps to wipe our the terror activities intended for recruiting youth and planning terror actions. Twitter claimed that it already has rules to dismay these activities but it was driving up pressure by increasing its staff and using technology to get rid of content promoting terrorism. However, twitter informed that there is no easy technological solution.

In spite of these challenges, we will continue to aggressively enforce our Rules in this area, and engage with authorities and other relevant organizations to find solutions to this critical issue and promote powerful counter-speech narratives. Copper said that “This is a long overdue move”. Twitter has been the favorite social networking site for terrorists for years. He further said that ISIS is nearly posting 2,00,000 tweets per day. The decision to remove terror content from twitter will help to reduce their strategy of online recruiting campaigns by Daesh, Al Qaeda and other terror outfits. It seems that Terrorists have been successful in recruiting youth online by luring them with offers. Social Media has been pressurized by the various government to take stern action against any terror related content.