The free app lets people record video from phones or tablets, stream it live to their followers or to the public. Viewers can then comment or “heart” the broadcast in real-time. The app also lets users save their broadcasts for up to 24 hours, so anyone who just missed the live stream can still catch a replay. riscope’s Android app is similar to the ione version, which arrived in late h, but with one big difference: As Engadget notes, users have more granular control over notifications, so they can opt out of alerts for friends’ broadcasts, shared broadcasts, new followers. The Android app will also throw up a notification when users leave the app in the middle of a broadcast, so they can easily jump back in. And it seems riscope has embraced ’s Material Design language as well, giving it a slightly different visual flavor than the iOS version. The story behind the story: riscope’s Android release comes roughly one month after live streaming rival Meerkat launched its own Android app. Twitter has previously tried to stunt Meerkat’s growth by cutting off the video service’s access to Twitter contact lists; the new app wipes out one competitive advantage that Meerkat had been enjoying. (Meerkat’s new strategy involves integrating with address books optionally posting to Facebook.)