Fenix, our favourite Twitter client two years ago, has been removed from the Google Play Store. The developer announced on Twitter that it had “removed (the app) [sic], from the Play Store.” This announcement came after Fenix reviled Twitter, via a tweet.

https://twitter.com/fenix_app/status/724641441700569089?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw This ironic incident, has a deeper origin to it, that of Twitter’s token limitation — a restriction on the maximum number of users a third-party app can have. Having reached 100K tokens (number of user downloads), which is the limit as per Twitter, the developer of Fenix had to remove the app from the Google Play Store. https://twitter.com/fenix_app/status/724641203229208576?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw Previously, developers have raised issues about this unfair token limit and forcing third party apps to be pushed out just to ensure people stay on the official Twitter app to prevent revenue loss. Though there were talks of some sort of resolution to this, the exit by Fenix, roughly two years after it went into service, are clear indications that Twitter seems resolute on its policy. This unfortunate incident highlights the divergence in thought between developers and corporations that has underpinned the inner hallows of the tech industry in the recent years. For now, users who have downloaded Fenix can re-download it from the My Apps section in the Google Play Store and continue using it as per normal. However with the app no longer generating a revenue stream for the developer, it is imminent that updates and user support for this app and other such apps will slow down for this or subsequent apps that end-up in the crossfire. https://twitter.com/fenix_app/status/724641822660825088 Do you agree that Twitter has a right to defend its IP or that third-party apps help to improve services provided and should not have restrictions? Let us know in the comments below. Update: Fenix is back on the Play Store