Twitter announced today that it is updating its website with a new look that borrows heavily from the social network’s mobile apps. The change is a design change only. Unfortunately, there were no new features were added to the service. Users who are familiar with the official Twitter app will be comfortable with the new user interface. Of all the changes that were made, the one with the greatest mobile influence is the navigation bar, which has been totally revamped with icons that match the mobile app. The settings menu also has a few new options, including one to add accent colors. One major change that you’ll spot right away is in your profile on the home feed. The profile section now includes your full background picture as well your profile image. I like the added images as it adds some color to the column which also contains your tweet statistics, “Who to Follow” section and “Trends.” The rest of the UI features a new font that is bigger and more consistent across the columns, i.e., you no longer have a large “Tweets” about your timeline and a smaller “Who to follow” and “Trends” on the left. All the fonts across these sections are the same.   If you don’t see the update yet, be patient as Twitter will be gradually rolling it out to users in the coming days. Do you have the update, yet? What do you think?