Twitter has just pushed out an update to their Android app that sadly doesn’t fix the difficult to look at user interface, but hey, at least they added two new features. The first is a new photo uploader that makes it easier to crop your pictures, select an aspect ratio, and straighten images out. Now I know what you’re thinking, just install Snapseed or Photoshop Express! You’re a power user, and most people aren’t, so Twitter making the photo editing process that much easier is a good thing.

The second feature has to do with tweets themselves. Have you ever reached the top of your timeline, pulled down to refresh, and then became upset because there was no more content for you to consume? This new version fixes that, it’ll surface tweets you might be interested in. Whether or not that works remains to be seen. Truth be told, if you reach the top of your timeline and there’s nothing new, that just means you’ll probably end up opening one of the many other apps on your phone to pass the time. Should you even use the official Twitter client? I do, but not alone. Falcon Pro is my main Twitter client, but I keep the official client installed because it has a superior photo uploader, I can see all my notifications, and I like the push notifications for direct messages. Despite Falcon Pro not being in the Play Store, you can get it to work if you poke around.