Many Twitter for Android users around the Internet are complaining about unable to being login into the app on their device. Users who were already logged into the app, were logged out with an authentication error, and have been unable to log back in since then.  Users have been unable to login via the Twitter mobile web or other third party Twitter clients for Android as well. Certain Tweetdeck users are also reporting that all the tweets on their timeline is now being shown as 365 days old. However, users who are able to access the service from their iPhone, PC or other devices, report that the service is working just fine for them.

— Sir Fuckencio (@lngenioso) December 29, 2014 Apparently, the reason behind the issue is that Twitter servers already think its 2015 as indicated from the tweet above. Twitter’s Service Status blog was updated an hour ago confirming the sign in issues affecting Android users and confirmed its engineers are working on resolving it. Update: The issue was resolved soon after by the Twitter technical team.