The Nexus X, or Nexus S, or Nexus 6 depending on the week, has been rumored for quite some time, and the reports swirling around its supposed spec sheet or other assorted features are not calming down as we inch closer to an expected launch later this year. Now, a new report suggests we should have more to look forward than originally thought. According to a new report published by PhoneArena, a pair of Nexus S devices have been in testing for a short time now, and while it was believed that only one would see the light of day for those interested in buying it later this year, that may no longer be the case. As was reported on August 26, the Nexus X may be one of those variants with a 5.2- or 5.3-inch display. The other device, though, could be the Nexus S or Nexus 6, and feature the oft-rumored 5.9-inch display. The report also states, in a sort of contradictory way, that depending on the reaction from consumers with the Moto X+1, Google may pick one device to launch later this year. Specifically, if people clamor for the smaller Moto X+1, they could opt to just only launch the smaller Nexus variant. Or just the bigger one. Basically, it sounds like the final decision for which device to launch hasn’t been made just yet, and that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise considering it isn’t September yet, and the new Nexus smartphone(s) might not see the light of day until the end of October, or early November. What size do you want the new Nexus smartphone to be? 5.3- or 5.9-inches?