They would have climbed a wall to catch Pokemon, but as the site of the land was sandy and unstable, ended up crashing. One fell from a height of almost 30 meters, but as fell on the sand, did not die. But, the second one fell into a different part of the cliff and had fallen from a height of “only” 15 meters. Currently, no information disclosed yet about the health status of those players, but they were rescued and taken to a local hospital. The man who fell on the beach had first aid made by lifeguards. The other had to be rescued by firefighters, who used ropes to pull him. According to Robbie Ford, head of the fire department in the region, the two were playing Pokemon Go at the time of the accident, but this was still not confirmed yet. Local victims climbed was notoriously dangerous and even had signs for people not to approach, due to the danger of the slope of the collapse, something relatively common and coastal areas due to the sea erosion. Sergeant Rich Eaton of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department said that “I think people just need to realize this is a game, as It’s not worth your life. No game is worth your life”. However, the trending mobile game Pokemon Go has more active daily users than Twitter and Tinder, which has been engaged in more Google searches than the “PORN” in the recent days.