In essence, the makers of U-Gym claims that it gives you a real deep tissue message. The U-Gym Mini is designed by a former Under Armor designer and it looks sleek for a massager. Needless to say, the device lets you customize your massage options from the companion app and also store your favourite massage programs. Powering the U-GYM Mini is 18650 mAh Li-ion battery which is rated to provide 6 hours of use for a charge.

Deep tissue massage is a messaging technique that focusses on realigning the layers of muscles and is often used for destressing and providing relief for muscle pain. In order to simulate a virtual deep tissue massage, U-GYM Mini makes use of medium frequencies above 1KHz as opposed to the TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) unit that uses lower frequencies (<1KHz) The device comes with a power button and an another button to control the intensity. The wired straps attached to the pads need to be placed on the body and you are good to go. The best part is that the pads can hide inside your clothes and one can get a massage anytime anywhere. The U-GYM is entirely based on the premise of providing a masseur like deep tissue message without an actual masseur. Also, the creators of the device shed some light on how massaging can help individuals get to sleep and improve the quality of life. Furthermore, the message is also said to reduce stress and anxiety, two most abundant disorders. U-GYM Pro is live on Indiegogo and the pledge starts from $69 and the product is expected to be shipped by the first half of the next year.