Ubuntu’s Touch OS powered smartphone have slowly started becoming a reality since the last few years. Meizu MX4 was one of the powerful Ubuntu powered phones launched till date. That aside there are a few other devices that support Ubuntu Touch OS thanks to ports like these. Canonical’s Ubuntu OS however has succeeded to get a head start in the smartphone mainly due to the lack of features over an Android or iOS device. Canonical has been improving their OS slowly and is gradually adding new features. Just in case you are unaware the Ubuntu Touch OS now comes with a feature called Convergence. This apparently is pretty similar to the Continuum feature offered by Microsoft. Convergence features basically allows you to plug in your Ubuntu powered smartphone to any monitor and transform it into an Ubuntu desktop. In fact, all the apps that were running on your smartphone will pop up on your monitor.

Marius Gripsard from UBPorts has confirmed that they have ordered the device and will start porting the OS as soon as they receive it. It’s worth noting that UBPorts had successfully ported the Ubuntu OS onto the OnePlus One early this year. Just in case you are unaware the OnePlus 3 which was launched in India a few days back at Rs 27,999 comes with some powerful internals under the hood. Sporting an all new Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chip alongside 6GB RAM, OnePlus 3 has more than enough power to run the Ubuntu Touch OS like a breeze. So would you be checking out the Ubuntu Touch OS on your OnePlus 3 once it’s launched?