And now this popular conspiracy theorist believes that there are UFOs flying over France. One of his many followers emailed him a video of the sighting. It appears to be a cigar-shaped spaceship with blinking beams of light. Tyler Glockner, the man who runs the channel, posted a video discussing the sighting. Then Glockner posted a follow-up video to about the similarities between the sightings in France and two other countries. Watch the video for yourself below (or click here to see it). Do you think it’s a hoax or something else?

As Glockner stated, the 2010 incident in China shut down an airport. Some Chinese people believe it was a U.S. missile or some other man-made device. The media picked up the story but the investigations didn’t provide conclusive answers. The sighting in Austrailia was a report from 2014 that Glockner posted when he started the channel. What do you think? You have to admit, the structures that flew over France, China and Austrailia all look very similar. Is this a sporadic hoax that has been going on for the past seven years? Or are these actual sightings of aliens? Tell me your thoughts in the comments section below.

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