Gadgets, which were introduced in Vista are mini applications built using XML, DHTML, and JavaScript. In Vista, though, those gadgets were more constrained to the sidebar. Although you could move them outside the sidebar to other parts of the screen, the bar itself would never really go away. In Windows 7, that has changed. The sidebar is no more and the gadgets can sit anywhere on your screen in either a minimized or maximized state.

Below are the best resources on Windows 7 gadgets and Windows Vista gadgets that can be used to help keep track of system resources.

Ultimate Resources of Windows 7 Gadgets

1. Windows 7 Feature Focus : Windows Gadgets – Paul Tharott

Paul Tharott neatly explains the funda behind Windows gadgets, how to install a gadget, what’s changed in Windows 7 and list of useful Windows 7 gadgets.

The official Windows Live gallery contains a huge list of Windows 7 and windows vista gadgets which have been neatly categorized and arranged for easy access.

3. Windows 7 Desktop Gadgets by Windows7News

A nice resource which explains Windows 7 desktop gadgets in detail including managing and customizing the Windows 7 gadgets.

4. Top 5 must-have desktop Gadgets for Windows 7

Check out this awesome article by RedmondPie which lists out the 5 must have desktop gadgets for Windows 7 which includes Twitter gadget, a search gadget and more.

5. Top 7 Email And Notification Gadgets For Windows 7

Ghacks has listed down 7 cool gadgets which display information and notifications about online services such as Facebook and Twitter or software programs like Outlook or Skype on the Windows desktop.

6. Top 16 Windows System Utility Gadgets has listed down 16 System utility gadgets for Windows 7 that can be used to help keep track of system resources. Some of them are really helpful and must have if you ask me.

7. Windows 7 Desktop Gadgets by Bill Evjen

These are some basic Windows 7 desktop gadgets, an intro about the default desktop gadgets available in Windows 7 and some additional ones. Hope you found this article useful. Check out other useful Windows 7 tips.