Facebook’s Android App is badly affecting performance and battery life. The users complained that it drains the battery, even if running in the background. However, Facebook doesn’t have the greatest track record with its Android App. Facebook users frequently complained about performance issues and draining up of battery. In 2015, Facebook’s Chief Product Officer, Chris Cox, directed its staff to move to Android rather than iPhones till they solved the issues.

Uninstalling Facebook App Saves up to 20% of Android battery life

These problems persisted, and Android Blogger Russel Holly’s opinion to dump the app sparked a chain of reactions in the Android Community. Many Android Users dumped Facebook App to check performance on their smartphones. Induced by Holly’s disclosure that life on Android was better without Facebook’s app, Reddit user pbrandes_eth tested the app’s impact on the performance of an LG G4. They noticed that when Facebook and its Messenger Apps were uninstalled, other apps on the smartphone opened 15% faster. They also tested 15 different apps and documented the finding, which influenced other Reddit users to test other devices. However, they found the same results when testing the app’s loading performance. Many users have supported Holly’s dumping Facebook App campaign. If you dump Messenger and Facebook App, you can save up to 20% of your battery and experience smooth performance on your device. Earlier iPhone users also complained that Facebook App is draining their battery even if they are not using it. However, later Facebook said they would fix this issue which is causing frequent battery draining. So, this is all about the Facebook Applications, which weaken the smartphone’s performance and drain the battery. We suggest you use Facebook’s mobile versions on your browser rather than going for Facebook Apps and wait till Facebook sorts out this issue.  We hope you loved this article; feel free to share this with your friends.