Well, the curious thing about this case that we are going to talk about is that, accidentally, an institution such as University College London (UCL), the third largest in the United Kingdom with an annual income of 1,300 million pounds sterling, is offering the whole world a huge amount of content protected by copyright. Here are hundreds of films produced in Hollywood, titles from other countries, or documentaries of all kinds among which are some of the BBC. It is true that on the Internet there are thousands of portals called pirates, which offer these contents in the form of torrent links for download in a matter of a few minutes, whether movies, series, books, software, music, etc. However, the striking theme is that the aforementioned British institution, all for educational purposes, is offering many of these contents as if such a normal thing. Initially, the website of the University College London provides all the information that any person may need, however, as we enter a little more inside, we find a platform that remains mostly hidden and that is intended, in principle, only to university and educational uses.

We say this because it offers certain materials online with the healthy purpose of helping students improve their English. Well, most of these video materials are movies and documentaries available to be viewed online just by entering a username and password to view them.

University College London (UCL) offers pirated content without realizing it

In fact, as explained on the website, all this content can be seen both on campus and from home, as long as you enter the corresponding username and password. In addition, this material is provided for educational purposes and attached various questions, notes and exercises. The problem is given, among other things, because the entire system is open on the Internet, without the need to log in. In the beginning, we have found more than 700 films in English, and 600 documentaries, links that can be pasted into VLC and viewed via streaming. Finally, we will say that this huge amount of copyrighted videos also contain links to movies and other materials on sites in the Middle East or Russia, many of the titles date from 2016 and can be found with a simple Google search. So, what do you think about these study materials that are provided by the UCL (University College London)? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.